Sage Tealight Prism

Sage Tealight Prism

Moni Candle & Co.

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includes a Moni Candle & Co. tealight

This naturalistic geometric tealight prism is locally handcrafted from upcycled wood AND comes with a Moni Candle & Co. tealight! It is a sustainable piece of home decor that will compliment any living space and style.

Each prism is uniquely handcrafted through multiple stages of sawing, sanding & finishing by @corridor.candleholders

Measurements: Approx 3.75" x 3.75" x 2" (sizes will slightly vary due to the nature of this uniquely crafted item). Tealight holder diameter is approx. 1.5" and 0.5" in depth.

Colour: Naturally finished wood grain painted with sage coloured undertones.

Includes: A Moni Candle & Co. tealight made of soy wax and pure essential oils. The scent is a surprise!

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