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Finding purpose in everyday life can be difficult, and starting this year with the resurgence of COVID and the majority of life’s activities returning back to an online-format had me feeling burnt out, exhausted and overwhelmed. In dire times like the beginning of 2022 (and let’s be honest, the vast majority of the last two years!), I found that lighting candles always seemed to elevate my mood, stabilize my anxiety levels and help me prepare for both my mornings and nights. Let’s talk about candles and some reasons why they’re freaking awesome!

IT CREATES AN AMBIENCE: Candles transform an atmosphere through scent, changing the way we feel in space. Lighting a candle for meditation, a bath, a date or any other intention is a beloved practice for setting an ambiance anywhere. 

STIMULATES MEMORY: Specific scents in candles can stimulate memory in the brain. The limbic system is the part of the brain that is home to our memory and emotions. Scent, emotion and memory are inexplicably intertwined!

SUPPORTS A RESTFUL SLEEP: In the 21st Century, candlelight evenings are incredibly beneficial for maintaining natural sleep rhythms. Practicing good sleep hygiene means limiting blue light by disconnecting from technology at a certain time each day. 

SOOTHES THE MIND: Floral and herbal aromas, like geranium, lavender, and peppermint, have been proven to be useful for the treatment of various psychological and physiological disorders through the burning of aromatherapeutic candles. Candles for depression and anxiety are particularly popular. 

Getting into the world of candles changed my life forever. Are you interested in changing your life for the good but don’t know where to start? Check out Moni Candle and Co’s brand new Spring collection for the best inspo!

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